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Made in the UK

We are UK manufacturers, with partners in Turkey and China, of unique cookware and kitchen products. From our original toastabags, designed and created by us, cooking and oven liners, an ever growing ECO range to our brand new 'Bubble' collection - reusable silicone storage solutions. Our products are designed to make life in the kitchen easier, quicker, energy saving and where possible with the environment in mind.

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  • Make & Bake

    Non stick liners designed especially for cake tins and loaf tins. 6" to 12". Non stick and reusable - an essential for any baker

    Bake with no mess, no stress 
  • Silicone Storage Solutions

    Bubble is a fun colourful range of silicone storage products. The Fridge bag, available in 4 colours, stands upright so is ideal for storing liquids. The slider can then be removed and bag put in micrwave for reheating of food.

    Silicone storage 
  • Energy Saving Microwave cooking

    Cooking in the microwave is so quick and easy. They save so much energy compared to cooking in oven and on the hob. Cook fish, chicken, vegetable, bacon and more in minutes. Added health benefits too.

    Save energy with microwave cooking 
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