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Bubble Silicone Fridge & Freezer Bag

Bubble Silicone Fridge & Freezer Bag

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Store food upright in the fridge or freezer with these reusable silicone bags.

Plastic slider creates air tight seal keeping food fresher for longer.

Perfect for liquids and solids alike.


  • Available in 4 colours: green, blue, pink and green
  • Silicone
  • Stores up to 1 litre - measure marks on outside of bag
  • Food safe tested and BPA free
  • Microwave safe
TIP: slider must be partially or fully removed before putting in microwave to allow steam to vent. Slider creates an airtight seal and as such may be difficult to slide on and off bag for the first few uses, add a little oil along the runner of the top of the bags and the slider with easily slide into place.
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