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Oven Liner

Oven Liner

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Non Stick and reusable, oven liners are essential for anyone with an oven!  Line the base of your oven to catch drips and spills keeping the oven floor clean and free from burnt on food.


  • Suitable for fan ovens
  • Non stick
  • easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Oven temps up to 260C
  • Cut to size if required
  • 40x50cm approx

If your heating elements are in the base of your oven do not place the oven liner here, instead put on the bottom oven shelf. The heating elements may heat the oven floor to over 260C causing the oven liner to melt. 
The oven liner must be removed before using oven cleaning cycle as oven temperatures may exceed 260C.

Also available Oven Liner Premium - thicker and larger, this material is even more non stick and durable

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